With our 50 unit care centre that opened its doors at Negester Onrusrivier on the first of December, 2014, Negester and the ATKV invite you to apply for one of the following three care packages (which also include the communal benefits of a stylish ladies’ bar, a lounge with fireplace, reading corner and hair salon):

Basic care: R8 200 per month *

Package includes: Rent of modern en-suite apartment with kitchenette , primary health care services, weekly cleaning and laundry service, 30 nutritious three-course meals, DStv connection, intercom connection with entrance gate for receiving visitors and 24/7 emergency  link to the nurses’ station.

Assisted Living: R14 100pm *

Package includes: Rent of modern en-suite apartment with kitchenette, primary health and personal care services, daily visits by nursing and care staff, weekly cleaning and laundry services, 30 nutritious three-course meals, DStv connection, intercom connection  with entrance gate for receiving visitors and 24/7 emergency link to the nurses’ station.

Frail care: R17 800 per month *

Package includes: Shared rent of a frail care unit, primary health and personal care services, cleaning and laundry services, full daily meals, DStv connection, doctor on call, medical aid benefits where applicable, 24/7 emergency link to the nurses’ station and 24/7 care and supervision by qualified 


Medwell (previously Elcare) provide comprehensive medical care services in the care centre, as well as offering managed home care at the residences. Medwell  provide first-rate and valued community, medical and nursing services.These services are now available to residents of Negester Onrusrivier in the comfort of their homes as well as those in the care units. Medwell is also a registered nursing agency that has been contracted by one of South Africa's largest medical aids to offer home based care as an essential third component of a coordinated care programme. According to Gerhard Lombard, their vision is to provide holistic health and supportive services in retirement villages, to ensure that the expectations of residents for a comprehensive support system of health and personal care are met.

Feedem Pitseng has also been contracted by Negester Onrusrivier for rendering quality catering and cleaning services, which is why Negester Onrusrivier can offer its residents and inhabitants of Onrusrivier scrumptious and affordable three-course meals.

*Terms and conditions apply.