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A choice lifestyle estate for fifty-plussers at Onrusrivier

Onrusrivier is situated within a five minutes’ drive from Hermanus, a small gem with safe lagoon, 
beautiful scenery and a wealth of bird life.

With fynbos in your garden and little coastal birds on your porch, Negester Onrusrivier is the perfect place for those who worked long and hard and look forward to a quiet life with pleasant company just around the corner.

This charming lifestyle estate combines the attractive features of old fashioned stoeps (porches), homely low walls and gardens which beautifully connect with stunning scenery in the form of the sea, the lagoon and the mountains as a backdrop. The units at Negester Onrusrivier offer a variety of architectural styles to pick and choose from.

There is for instance, the section featuring similar facades to Cape Town's Long, Plein, Breë and Long Market Street or Stellenbosch’s Dorp Street.  Another section boasts a modern farmhouse style. Thirdly, there are also units in a typical Cape Malay style. A lounge with ladies’ bar, library and dining room form part of the clubhouse facilities.

Security was a main concern while designing Negester Onrusrivier. A security wall with electric fencing, controlled main entrance gate with intercom connection and 24/7 manned guarding facility ensure complete peace of mind.