There are four basic designs for full title dwellings to choose from, each with a few options within the chosen property size  ̶  with a total of eleven designs to choose from. The design of the full title dwellings is based on a contemporary interpretation of historical farm architecture relevant to the environmental and agricultural context. The homes are designed for low energy consumption with a low eco-impact, making use of low-maintenance materials and  as well as rock from the site to ensure easy maintenance. 

The prices of plots start at R426 600 and house sizes vary from ±92 m² to 225 m². The plot’s price includes approved building plans, architectural fees and transfer fees (fee for submission of plans of ±R2 000 excluded).

The design style for the The design style for the is similar to the full title dwellings, a contemporary interpretation of historical farm architecture. The sectional title duets are also conveniently located within the lifestyle estate. It is near the medical care centre, main entrance and proposed community centre with its sports facilities (which includes tennis courts, a swimming pool and bowling greens) as well as a library and ladies’ bar. Moreover, it is affordable with prices of duet units with standard finishes, starting at R895 000. A unit is 77 m² (included is a veranda of 9 m² and a carport of 18 m²).

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